We are very glad that you are considering to apply for GSCSY 2018! So right below, you can find the major benefits provided through GSCSY 2018.

  • All your expenses covered

    Have all your expenses covered for participating at the 24rd UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP24) and the 14th Conference of Youth 14 (COY14)
    The funding benefits cover the following:

    • Costs for all international and domestic flight tickets
    • Costs incurred during the visa application process
    • Costs of accommodation for about 18 days (from 28 November 2018 to 15 December 2018 – the duration comprising COY14 and COP24) in Katowice, Poland
    • Costs of food for the entire duration, travel insurance, local transport and any other reasonable expenditure dur the the stay in Poland.

  • Capacity-building programme

    Participate in a comprehensive capacity-building programme

    The GSCSY 2018 will also provide a capacity building program in order to ensure the selected youth’s meaningful participation at COP24. This programme will consist of different online training sessions webinars, on-ground preparation and mentorship. This capacity-building programme will be designed to train you about UNFCCC processes and negotiations and also to support your plans and activities during COP24 to ensure that you not only know what exactly is going on in the negotiations, but also can get involved effectively!

  • Raise Your Voice

    Share your experiences and raise your voice at an international level

    As a young person who cares about climate change, you may have gathered experiences worth sharing; participation in the UNFCCC process allows you to raise your concerns on the climate crisis, including both the current impacts of climate change affecting front-line communities and the expected impacts it will have on young and future generations. You get the opportunity to represent your voices in an international decision-making processes and push the policy-making towards better commitments to climate action. Being present at the decision-making process of UNFCCC not only enables you to give valuable input to your government but also remind them of the responsibilities, requirements and commitments.

  • Get Engaged In YOUNGO

    Connect your initiative and previous work on an international level and get engaged in YOUNGO

    By participating in COY14 and COP24, you will meet many like-minded young people working in the similar field as you! You will have the opportunity to get connected, exchange knowledge, and build networks you can use for the work in your initiative. Youth voices in UNFCCC are represented collectively as “YOUNGO” – the official youth constituency to UNFCCC which consists of different organisations and individuals across the world.

  • Lifetime Memories

    Gather memories that last for a lifetime

    Let’s say it, you will make countless friends, meet new people and take back with you a lot of wonderful memories and experiences to cherish!

Sounds Interesting?

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