Global South Climate Scholarships for Youth 2018

Fully-funded participation and capacity building of youth from developing countries to COP24 – the annual UN Climate Change negotiations, and COY14 – in December 2018, Poland

Hello! Please note that the selections have concluded and all selected candidates have been contacted and notified. 

Thank you very much. 

What is COP24 and youth engagement in the process?

In December 2018, the world governments will come together for the annual United Nations Climate Change negotiations (24th Conference of Parties to UNFCCC) to develop the framework for implementation of Paris Agreement and enhance climate action. Read More

Meaningful Youth Engagement in Climate Change Negotiations

The future of international climate change policy will be determined at Katowice, Poland.
The perspectives of young people from developing countries and vulnerable communities need to be institutionally inform and input into the negotiation process of the Paris Agreement Rulebook.
Solutions needs to be developed – collectively.
We invite you to join us on this venture – together towards the common goal of sustainability.
Are you interested to apply for this Scholarship? A total of about 16 youth will be funded via these Scholarships. 

Benefits of the Scholarship

Funded participation to Poland and much more

Eligibility and application process

Are you eligible to apply?

27 OCTOBER 17.00 UTC